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Sunny's Rules
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2017-06-17 01:10:00
Hello my lovelies!~ Being a part of Sunny requires a few rules you have to follow at all times!~ To my fellow hosts, here are the rules you have to explain EVERYTIME each interview/trainings. You may copy and paste these rules to announce during interview/training sessions (optional). Hello everyone! Can you all take a seat? HR'S please come up stage and MR's please STS on the bottom of the stage. R1.) Disrespecting staff concludes to a rank down. R2.) Please be respectful and polite during all times. R3.) Do not be inappropriate or pay the consequences. R4.) Do not troll. Trolling as an MR/HR concludes to a rank down. We need professional MR's/HR's. If you see anybody exploiting, please say immediately so we can ban them!~ Exploiting as a staff member concludes a kick to the group. Exploiting is not permitted. That concludes our rules! May everyone please spam 'C7RN'.
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