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CS Portable
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2013-07-01 18:54:00
Yo dawg,i heerd yu like Counter Strike,so we made a version of Counter Strike on the ipad so that you can play Counter Strike while you play Counter Strike. (Reminder:The game is also available on the PC,it's free and requires no download.) -What is CS Portable? CS Portable is a game based on the original Counter Strike game,but this time,it's available both on the PC and on your ipad! And it's free and on the PC it requires no downloads! -CS Portable weapons. Sadly CS Portable includes a low amount of weapons,it includes only 5 guns,and also includes 3 grenade types and a knife like in every counter strike! -CS Portable maps. CS Portable includes many maps,both made by players and by the creator of the game,it includes Counter Strike's original maps and more maps! -Zombies! (Yay! Zombies!) Who hates zombie gamemodes here? I bet there's a low amount of that! The zombie gamemode is a gamemode where you survive waves of zombies! And i posted it here since it's a gamemode that many peoples like! So i would suggest this game for Ipad gamers,and peoples who would like to have a free game based on counter strike,anyway,feel free to reply and tell your opinions about this game!