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roseass2's rant of the day #4
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Joined: 17 Jul 2010
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2016-12-11 02:45:00
skiptrace with jackie chan and johnny knoxville is the second best movie i've every watched the only movie that's better is central intelligence as you probably can tell i love buddy cop movies where one of the partners is a clueless civilian off topic: what other good movies are there that follow the same format on topic: rented dishonored 2, pretty good so far, anyone else like it

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2016-12-11 03:06:00
I like these kinds of movies, but I don't go to them a lot because they're unmemorable for me. Keanu is a movie where it isn't exactly a in a buddy-cop type of way, but it feels extremely like one (esp. when one of the partners is a clueless civilian). (I couldn't see it back when it came out because it came out when Central Intelligence did, but I just watched it literally hours ago.) I doubt it is better than Skiptrace or Central Intelligence, though. (Me with my bad memory) I FEEL like I like Skiptrace more than Central Intelligence, but I got no proof. On Topic: I just spent 140$ on 7 Days to Die and Dragon Ball X2. May get Dishonored 2 if I feel like it.

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2016-12-11 03:50:00
central intel was amazing In mother russia, you dont make signatures, signatures make YOU! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eiZMWZF8kA

Joined: 17 Jul 2010
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2016-12-11 07:12:00
@skeb i'm gonna have to check keanu out tomorrow then @zappa you got good taste to the top bump
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