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Welcome to Executables! Posted by root on 2021-03-07 05:19:28 Welcome to the Executables forum! This forum was originally an exact replica of the original Roblox forums (complete with ROBLOX profile importing and millions of old imported Roblox forum posts), but has since been developed into a pseudonymous message board geared towards various subjects. You can read the privacy policy, security policy and terms of service here: Terms: https://executabl.es/forum/terms.txt Privacy: https://executabl.es/forum/privacy.txt You can choose to register if you want to track your posts and have your own profile and various account statistics, but registration is not required. Note that if you are posting without an account, every post will be tied to your IP instead of your username. This is necessary to maintain the security of this forum, and not directly visible by moderators. If you see any posts with a brown icon, that means it was originally posted on the old Roblox forums. Such posts can be interacted with like any other posts on this site. See below for more information: * All of the existing archived posts on this site are the result of an operation using a web scraping script that no longer works. The current archive contains roughly 1% of all of the forum's posts (about 2 million total), and some posts have been imported more than once by chance. An alternative that contains 99.9% of forum posts with no duplicates will eventually be made available; the archive containing this is currently being compiled, but may not be done for another year and will not be readily compatible with this forum engine. As of posting this thread, it is about 5% done and includes 11.4 million posts. Until further notice, no more posts can be imported from the old forums. * This site used to resemble the Roblox forums much more closely, but as the focus has drifted away from Roblox, plus some other issues (such as changes to Roblox API breaking some functionality), this is no longer the case. All of the imported posts, and information associated with them, will remain up indefinitely. * The Roblox-interfacing functionality that this site has during its time as RBX-Talk has been removed permanently. This caused insane slowdowns (pages taking 30 or more seconds to load due to Roblox API issues) and was difficult to maintain, and with the current direction of this forum there is little reason for it (other than legacy support) * Accounts with join dates of 2017 and earlier are imported accounts back when we were a Roblox spinoff forum. As we aren't directly related to Roblox anymore, we no longer offer this service. If you *really* want, feel free to ask and I may be able to do this manually for you (this offer will be revoked if too many people are asking for it).

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