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Last 25 Badges (Ascending):
Thanks For Playing!
You played escape the pc!
Welcome to PiePerson50's Obby!
[OLD] 50,000 Visits?! Thank you everyone!
This badge is currently unavailable. I couldn't believe that this game got so popular.... Thank you for playing my game! Anyways here's a Sonic that I drew for you. I hope that you are having a good time!
Survived 10 Disasters
Nice job, keep going!
High Survive Five!
Survive five rounds in a row.
Survived 25 Disasters
That is a good amount. You live to die another day.
Survived 50 Disasters
Jeeze. Not many people can say they have done the same.
Close Call
Survive a disaster with 10hp or less.
Surf's Up!
Survive a tsunami on the map Surf Central.
Welcome to The Normal Elevator
Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy your stay.
Visitor Award
A little gift just for visiting the game to show that I am grateful for every visit I get ;).
Get to the choppa.. and survive a thunderstorm.
Survived 100 Disasters
This is definitely a feat worth boasting about.
Gavin's Secret
You know Gavin's code. And now you can learn his story. (CLOSED CURRENTLY)
I managed to visit a top secret facility!
You visited, visitors are always welcome to this top secret classified facility! Wait a second! Hold on right there sir...
Pizza Boxer
Box 100 pizzas
Cook 100 pizzas
Give a bonus check to 15 players as manager.
Take 100 customer orders
Meet Peanutdaschund InGame!
You Met Da Co-Developer in game! Look at his creepy face that comes from the creepiest place in the world located in creepy city in the country of New Creepy You Only Win This Badge When You Join A Server And He Is Already There
You played Speed Run 4!
A Watery Death
You died at the hand of water!
Completed Cocoa Level!
You get this badge by beating the cocoa pebbles level!
Obtain this badge by seeing the nasty floor Sydney Crosby The Golden GoalDang I Don't Like Him
Play a round of Design It!
First 25 Badges (Descending):
😜Insane Texter
Woah, you're insanely good at texting! Congrats on sending 1,000 texts!
👵Texting Grandma
You're on the texting level of the average grandma. Congrats on sending your first 100 texts!
100K Likes Update!
Thanks for playing our MASSIVE update at 100K Likes!
Juggernaut Winner
Achieved by winning a juggernaut round as the juggernaut in the derby arenas.
100,000 Parts
Awarded for achieving 100,000 parts in Car Crushers 2.
Eggcellent Choices!
Right and wrong. Good and evil. Sadly, these blend and blur. Where do you see the line?
Scaled Eggducator
Solve all of the puzzles hidden within the Egg Hunt Puzzle Room to earn this special prize!
Infinity Gauntlet Egg
A prize for completing all five Avengers puzzles in Egg Hunt 2019. Perfectly earned, as all things should be.
Thor Egg
This egg commands the power of thunder and lightning! Sure to add a spark to your colleggtion.
Captain Marvel Egg
This intergal-egg-tic hero is going higher, further, faster.
Iron Man Egg
A high-tech collectible from an egg-ceptional inventor.
Captain America Egg
Nothing can crack its vibranium shell!
Black Widow Egg
Strong, elusive, an eggstraordinarily fierce agent.
Enchanted Forest
Congratulations on escaping the Enchanted Forest! This is our largest map ever! We hope you enjoyed it! Don't expect any new content for a while though...
[EGG HUNT 2019] Eggdini Egg
Win this Amazing Prize by beating the Egg Hunt Themed Enchanted Forest Multiplayer Map in Escape Room during the Official Roblox Egg Hunt 2019! -- Awards the Eggdini Egg Accessory for you avatar --
Awarded for finding the Eggsplosion egg inside the game during the 2019 Scrambled In Time egg hunt!
Suiting Up
Avoid radiation poisoning with these suits!
Beta Tester

2 Fast 2 Egg
You completed the Egg Hunt Event Race and got the 2 Fast 2 Egg! Awsome!
Teleggkinetic Egg
This egg will awaken hidden powers in every good hunter. You gain the ability to move some objects around!
Phantom Pillager
Kill a phantom or phantom brute.
Obsidian Obstructor
Kill an obsidian or obsidian brute.
Level 25
Reach level 25
Undead Gem
Kill a sapphire, ruby, or emerald. Or any brute variant of those three.
Eggle-Scout Egg!
The highest rank of the Egg Scouts. What exactly that means? Not sure. But you do get a sweet merit badge sash!! Collect 4 coloured fuses and bring them to the secret altar. Search in key areas and listen for fuse noises!