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Last 25 Badges (Ascending):
Over 500,000 Visits to SpongeBob Attacks!
This badge is to commemorate the half a million place visits to the SpongeBob Attacks game. Thanks to all the players that made this happen. Keep playing.
Over 100,000 Visits to SpongeBob Attacks!
This badge is to commemorate the 100,000 place visits to the SpongeBob Attacks game. Thanks to all the players that made this happen. Keep playing.
Slide Rider
Ride the slide!
You entered the game!
Welcome to the lovely world of a combine. Here, you will know the true meaning of pain. Oh, and hats.
You won as The Stalker!
Despite the odds, you successfully managed to exterminate a professional team of soldiers whose goal was to quickly exterminate you.
You won as a Combine Soldier!
You showed The Stalker no mercy when it came to The Combine Empire!
Welcome to Spleef!
This badge is awarded to people who visit Spleef!
Diploma of Unstupidity.
Congratulations! Youre smarter than the average rock :D (Read the "How to Play" document in the game to the 5th page to recieve this badge)
Be the last one standing after a round.
Welcome To The #### Of Robloxia
You Get This Badge When You Play The Game
I Played For 30 Minutes
Thanks For Playing!
Rooftop Badge
Obtained when you spawn on top of the roof of the lobby in freezetag
Under the Capitol
Welcome to Panem. (Join THGA for the first time!)
Visitor 2014
You visited Kohls Admin House NBC in 2014!
Welcome to P.B.B
Welcome, and Thanks for Visiting Award. [2/24/13 - Released Again]
Shiny Gyarados Achievement [RELEASED]
This badge allows you to become Shiny Gyarados [4/2/14 - Released Again]
You have Won

Hey there!
You and me win - you visited my game? What could be better?
You killed the night guard!
You have been released from your curse.
Fro Free!!

Visitor Badge

3 Million Visits
Thank you guys for all your support. You guys are truly awesome. Please like and favorite the game if you liked my obby. More stages coming soon, don't worry. :)
Mad Paintball BETA!
You played Mad Paintball during open BETA!
Welcome to Mad Paintball!
Go pwn some noobs now!
Thanks For Visiting!
Your inner self told you to get the badge by visiting the game.
First 25 Badges (Descending):
Level 60
Reached Level 60!
Emerald Clothing
You washed a piece of emerald clothing :O
Spin The Wheel
You spun the wheel! What are you gonna get?
Level 50
Reached Level 50!
Level 40
Reached Level 40!
Level 30
Reached Level 30!
Level 20
Reached Level 20!
Level 10
Reached Level 10!
Level 1 (Beginning)
You have started your journey to becoming the best & strongest bug!
100 Washes
You've been through 100 full wash cycles
Ruby Clothing
You washed a piece of ruby clothing :O
Thanks For Playing
Get this for simply pressing play! Thank you :)
Rose Hotshot
You’ve collected 2.5 million pollen from the Rose Field!
Bamboo Hotshot
You’ve collected 2.5 million pollen from the Bamboo Field!
Blue Flower Hotshot
You've collected 2.5 million pollen from the Blue Flower Field!
1 Thousand Battle Points
You've achieved the rank of Battle Hotshot!
AWP Paint
Get an AWP skin.
25 Kills
That's pretty good, not gonna lie. Keep it up!
3 Wins
Three time's a charm!
First Win
You beat everybody else for the first time!
10 Kills
Woah! Even better!
Welcome to NSS!
Play the game for the first time!
First Kill
Get 1 kill. Nice!
Welcome to Keystone Middle School
You joined the game!
Pine Tree Hotshot
You’ve collected 2.5 million pollen from the Pine Tree Forest!