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Last 25 Badges (Ascending):
You visited Freddy's!
Welcome new employee! You're probably familiar with this job... But who cares? Since you're here, you might as well have some pizza.
Did you really think being in Foxy's way was a smart idea?
Visitor Award
A little gift just for visiting the game to show that I am grateful for every visit I get ;).
Take 100 customer orders
Welcome to PiePerson50's Obby!
Give a bonus check to 15 players as manager.
First Night on the Job
Start your job at the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Or just join the game.
Cook 100 pizzas
Complete the mountain maze.

Welcome to Boys And Girls Hangout!
Apu: Thank you come again!
Welcome to Roblox High School!
Attend your first day at Roblox High School.
You Joined!
Earn this badge if you join the game!
Larry the Generator Guy
Activate a generator. Vroom vroom!
Gotta catch 'em all!
Win a round as Slender. You truly are the very best, like no Slender ever was.
Weakest Link
Citizen Victory
Win a round as a citizen. Working on that scrapbook?
Hands-On Experience
Be grabbed by Slender and live to tell the tale. You got lucky today, but next time..
Thank you for visiting Shark Attack!
You killed the Megalodon in Shark Attack!
Survived a Disaster
Congratulations. Unfortunately, one is not enough.
Surf's Up!
Survive a tsunami on the map Surf Central.
Welcome to The Normal Elevator
Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy your stay.
You won the Chicken eat off!
You won the elevator's annual chicken eat off hosted by Shedletsky! Now enjoy being fat forever!
Just join a server.
First 25 Badges (Descending):
The ultimate secret
You get this badge by finding the "Ultimate Secret" of this area... Getting this badge is very hard and shows that you are one of the best player ever.
The way out
What can this badge mean ? No hint. Getting it shows that you're THE best player ever.
The City of Robloxica
You played Robloxica!
Severe Weather
Win as a citizen in a thunderstorm.
Down, but not Out
Get a kill with one health.
Welcome to Cube Defense
Earn this badge by just joining the game.
Start The Experiment
Wait 30 seconds in the start room and let experiment #0 begin.
Participate In The Experiment
Join the game.
Completed Challenging!
well that was probably challenging
Completed Difficult!
Stage 170
You have reached stage 170!
Stage 165
You have reached stage 165!
Stage 160
You have reached stage 160!
Stage 155
You have reached stage 155!
Stage 150
You have reached stage 150, which also means you have completed the 3rd floor!
Stage 145
You have reached stage 145!
Stage 140
You have reached stage 140!
Stages 135
You have reached stage 135!
Stage 130
You have reached stage 130!
Stage 125
You have reached stage 125!
Stage 120
You have reached stage 120!
Stage 115
You have reached stage 115!
Stage 110
You have reached stage 110!
Stage 105
You have reached stage 105!
Stage 100
You have reached stage 100, which also means you have completed the 2nd floor!